Result: From 2006 to 2007, the surf club NASA and I developed an overall concept for information and communication. The concept was to ensure a constructive and sustainable relation between a relatively large surf community in the area and the rest of the local community, including the Municipality of Thisted, local shopkeepers, other residents and tourists in the area. We developed a brand and marketing strategy. We developed a generic concept for the design of a surf spot and developed specific proposals for the design of 5 surf top-level spots on the West Coast in the Municipality of Thisted. We developed a concept for handling the large number of RVs, which were regularly present in the area. We laid the foundations for surfing as an element in one or more of the local educational offers, surfing as part of an alternative settlement strategy and last but not least surfing as the focal point for a major annual event in the Municipality of Thisted. All parts were combined into what is today known as the Cold Hawaii Masterplan. 

Area of responsibility:  Idea and concept, fundraising, project management, reporting.