Result: We developed and implemented a online mashup, which made it possible to collect and publish selected athletes' use of social media. We developed and tested a social media surveillance system, which made it possible to monitor and assess whether the content coming from the athletes, could be used as a starting point for a journalistic product. We developed and tested methods, which made it possible to work in a structured way with processing the content, which partly came from the athletes, with whom we had specific agreements, and partly from the Danish and foreign athletes' use of social media. In cooperation with the Danish Sailing Association, we developed and implemented a strategy that made it possible to enter into agreements concerning the athletes' use of social media in the time leading up to and during the Olympics. This included ongoing coaching of selected athletes. Last but not least, we gained experience with carrying out ongoing assessments and adjustments of content in order to increase the ROI for the media house. 

Area of responsibility: Idea and concept, fundraising, project management, reporting.