Result: In collaboration with Friends of Cold Hawaii, I developed and implemented a strategy, where the connection between Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, the Municipality of Thisted, North Jutland Region and a number of sponsors was communicated through a self-produced online (live) communication of the event, which also included a strong social media presence. The center of this part of the communication was a live video streaming via the event's channel on and the production of daily highlight video clips on the event's YouTube Channel. In addition to that, there were images and texts for the event website and finally a Facebook strategy built around event's mascot, the Cold Hawaii Penguin. Furthermore, there was the press work directed at core media and mainstream media, primarily in Denmark and Germany. This consisted in texts and images, as well as video news releases and distribution through Eurovision, ENEX and Omnisport. The overall concept was rolled out in the period leading up to the event, and during the event in particular. 

Area of responsibility: Idea and concept, fundraising, organising and leading the entire media team, reporting.